Pull up your deck chair, or captain's chair if so disposed, have your favourite tipple beside you and lean back and enjoy the September issue with its emphasis on anchoring and passage planning.

At its simplest all an anchor is, is a multiple kilogram pile of metal; but it is one of the most talked about issues in cruising. Why? Because it is imperative to safety at sea.

Experts from across the field take a deep look at both the science and the magic that is proper anchoring and you would do well to include a notepad and pen when you sit down to read. This is one of those issues well worth keeping.

To add to the information overload is a couple of articles that help in your conversation with your insurer. All they wish to know is that you are conducting your activities with crew and yacht in a safe and secure manner. This is no more important than when you intend to cruise in stormy seas. We show you how to organise your passage plan to appease the insurer and inform yourself and your crew on what is coming ahead.

We also have some fun destinations as well. Come with us to the Brest Tall Ships Regatta; cruising the high latitudes and what is involved in taking your family out of school.

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