It is with deep regret that we announce the closure of an icon of the Australian boating media, Cruising Helmsman magazine.

Unless a buyer can be found before Christmas, publisher Yaffa Media (also owner and publisher of this website) will retire the masthead after release of the January 2021 issue.

The magazine was first published 40 years ago, when cruising legend Alan Lucas became its first editor. 

The magazine has been a constant in the ever-changing world of boating and will leave behind many disappointed readers, including some who have bought every issue. Cruising Helmsman articles have regularly been uploaded to this website and have always proved to be among the most popular with readers.

Ironically, the readership is as strong as ever, but advertising revenues have fallen over the past 10 years as more marine businesses have opted to do their own marketing "on the internet" - in many cases, very badly.

Yaffa Media has been moving out of the magazine space over the past four or five years, closing many titles that were once "rivers of gold" for their advertising revenue. The company has moved into event management and other areas of the media.

Cruising Helmsman editor, Phil Ross, wrote in his December issue editorial:

This is definitely not what we would like to happen., given the trust we have built up over 40 years of relationship with those readers. Owner of CH, Yaffa Media, sought expressions of interest for potential buyers of the title but to no avail.

So here I am making a call to our readership.

Is anyone interested on investing in the biggest selling monthly sailing magazine for both Australia and New Zealand? A great opportunity to be involved in the life we all love and keeping this great title on bookshelves around the globe.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further, all enquiries will be looked at.

Phil's email is

- Roger McMillan, editor,



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