Given the challenging situation we all find ourselves in, this issue of Cruising Helmsman details some stories of people taking on some amazing challenges and managing to survive to tell us all the tales.

How does losing your rudder's ability while still halfway across the Pacific Ocean sound to you? What would you do? How resourceful can you be? One experienced sailor takes us on an incredible journey.

What about taking on the challenge of restoring an old and rundown wooden yacht. Would you be up for that? How much money time and love does it take and is it worth it?

Maybe the most incredible of all is the challenge of understanding how insurance works; especially when it relates to your yacht and your intended uses. Find the answer in the May issue of Cruising Helmsman.

Then, just to extend the challenges, while you may enjoy our nice read of a trip to Barbuda, we have also taken you to the poles of the earth: to the North West Passage plus also around Antarctica.

Adventure filled issue to keep you grounded sailors mesmerised. Challenge accepted.

All topped off with an extensive test of the new Lagoon 46. 

Get your copy now at your nearest newsagent.  

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