• ASL Oct/Nov 2017 cover
    ASL Oct/Nov 2017 cover

The October/November 2017 issue of Australian Sailing is packed with information.

The lead story looks at the Volvo Ocean Race, which starts in October. It reviews the Fastnet and Leg Zero races already done, checks out the crews on each boat and details the complex scoring system that will determine the winner.

Dario Valenza takes an interesting look at foiling - where we've been and where we're going to now that this form of sailing is fast becoming mainstream.

The second part of Vanessa Dudley's Women in Sailing series looks at the inspirations - the women who have inspired others with their circumnavigations. ocean races, Olympic success and determination to take on the men.

Alan Lucas looks at the technique of poling out, there is a rules quiz, an article on training properly and some advice about nutrition.

But the story that will touch most readers' hearts is one that explains why we sail - for the companionship, mateship and the characters we meet. It tells the story of Antara, a classic yacht, and how past and present crew members rallied to bid a fond farewell to a fallen shipmate.

It's worth going to your newsagent to get a copy, just to read that one.

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