The June-July 2017 issue of Australian Sailing has a wealth of information for the racing sailor.

Kimberley Wilmot provides a complete rundown on the three major race weeks in Queensland over winter, and it's not too late to enter.

Advice for everyone who sails, but especially for those who are taking their boats north, is provided by the legendary Alan Lucas in an article on surviving storms offshore. Ross Vickers has a great article on boat preparation, which is important for anyone racing over winter or preparing for the summer season, while Will Oxley looks at Adrena Carbon editon navigation software.

If you are racing inshore, and especially in places like Sydney Harbour, Pittwater and the Whitsundays, you need to know what effect the local topography has on wind patterns. David Dellenbaugh has dedicated his column to this subject, using lessons learned at the Rio Olympics to illustrate his points about wind sheering around and over land masses.

It's sometimes said that if you win the start you win the race. Tony Bull agrees that a good start is importat, but he has some excellent tips for recovering when you don't hit the line in the right place at the right time.

With foiling in the news because of the America's Cup, Dario Valenza looks at the new Superfoiler which has been zipping around Sydney Harbour while the trend to smaller production baots has produced the excellent Hanse 315, which we tested recently.

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