America's Cup

Written by Australian Sailing founder Bob Ross, the book gives new insights into the enigma that was Lexcen.

Plenty of obstacles to overcome but YNZ gives a thumbs up

South Australian David Tillett has been appointed Chairman of the Arbitration Panel.

The British Olympic Association has stood firm over its trademarked "Team GB" name.

"I know people will say women can join America's Cup teams as designers, engineers and sailmakers - and they do. But there needs to be a specific position for a woman sailor on the boat."

Helen Clark was Prime Minister of New Zealand when the government became a sponsor of the team for the 32nd America’s Cup and through to the 34th America’s Cup.

The all American effort gained traction last weekend when some of its principals helped crew US One Sailing Team to victory over the New York Yacht Club’s Team American Magic in the Congressional Cup.

It is the biggest British investment in the Cup ever and will allow the team to design and build two boats in the lead-up to the challenge in New Zealand.

Ray Davies confirmed the decision in a Facebook Q&A session but another team spokesman then said "no specific roles have been decided".

The ‘soft wing’ mainsail concept that has been developed for the AC75 Class Rule is expected to have a trickle down effect on sailing in the future.

"The government's analysis is at that number it is justifiable because of the economic benefits to New Zealand."

American Magic is named after America, the first yacht to win the Cup, and Magic, the first yacht to defend it.

While the approved plan means something of a scattered village, it keeps Team New Zealand as the focal point and, crucially, means they get to the defend the Cup on their own waters after months of uncertainty.

Furious MPs and campaigners blasted the trade department for spending money on the sponsorship deal.

The Australian naval architect has measured more America’s Cup yachts than any other person in the history of the Cup.