America's Cup

Jimmy Spithill has opened up on his decision to have another crack at the America's Cup, describing the new foiling monohull as "a praying mantis on steroids" that was irresistible.

Skipper and syndicate CEO Simeon Tienpont says the money won't be touched and will be repaid if they can't get past an April 1 deadline when they must pay part of their US$1m late entry fee.

Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena revealed that Spithill was astonished with what was happening in front of him on the screen, declaring: "We'll s... ourselves".

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed) have estimated that a visit from just one superyacht contributes more than $1m to the economy but in many cases the return can exceed $5m.

American Magic confirmed this week that it is sailing "dry laps'' at its winter base in Florida, with the Mule's hull never touching the water as it flies on foils all the way around a course

The Challenger of Record confirms that in the spirit of collaboration and in the best interest of the event, they reached a settlement.

Despite a collaborative agreement between the Challenger of Record and the Defender, New York Yacht Club elected to continue to pursue the case.

Simone de Mari, who sailed with Luna Rossa in the 1997 and 2000 challenges, suffered a spinal injury after hitting the seabed while surfing.

The first race in Auckland was meant to be the Christmas regatta next December, but now teams will compete two months earlier which means facilities will need to be ready sooner than expected.

Issues with the foil arms, which are supplied equipment, and a lack of time in the radical new foiling monohulls are thought to be behind the delay.

What is going on behind closed doors right now will go a long way to defining success in two years’ time, according to Kevin Shoebridge.

Together they have agreed all current outstanding issues including a mutually agreed settlement to the America’s Cup Arbitration case filed on the 12th of February 2019 regarding the dispute on the validity of late entries.

Sir Ben Ainslie and Terry Hutchinson have given first-hand accounts of their experiences driving the test boats.

"To anyone walking the dog around the lake, we probably just appeared like a few old battlers towing a beat-up old catamaran down the lake for fun."

Sources indicate the case involves late payments by up to three teams – certainly the Dutch challenge, possibly that of Malta and even the US's Stars & Stripes.