America's Cup

While the New Zealanders have opted for a bow section that is ‘pointy’, the Americans have gone with a bulbous bow that some have described as ‘scow-like’ – although true scow bows are prohibited in the AC75 design rule.

Eighteen months after the 36th America’s Cup Class Rule was published, NYYC American Magic becomes the first team to foil their AC75 across the waters of Narragansett Bay near Newport, Rhode Island

It has taken over 100,000 man-hours to design and build the boat with a group of about 65 people between designers and boat builders who have been working quietly throughout the past year.

They revealed the 75-foot foiling monohull on the forecourt of their Auckland base on Thursday, a day ahead of the official launch early Friday morning.

As always, America’s Cup teams have been tight-lipped about the direction they have taken with the first of the two AC75s they are allowed to build.

"There is a huge amount where we're unsure what our opponents will come up with. Over the next couple of months we'll find out."

Sardinia will play host to the first ever competitive outing of the revolutionary AC75 Class foiling monohulls which are currently being developed.

America's Cup stalwart John Craig (CAN) has been named as Regatta Director and will be in ultimate charge of all racing activity.

Despite having received strong backing from the local marine industry and interest from a number of commercial entities, the Dutch have decided the clock has wound down for them to launch an effective challenge in 2021.

New grinders include Olympic swimmer and paddler, Steven Ferguson, former Oracle crew member Louis Sinclair and a man who has never sailed but set a world record on the indoor rower.

Patrizio Bertelli, team principal of Luna Rossa Prada, believes the revolutionary design is too complicated and is proving prohibitive to new teams.

Work to transform the viaduct is well underway, sinking piles, dredging and building breakwaters.

Auckland Council has worked with the marine industry to drastically overhaul the plan; settling on a new, visitor-friendly small 12 month navigation and safety fee for vessels over 40 metres in length.

The two remaining late challengers, Stars + Stripes USA and DutchSail, will confirm their ongoing commitment by July 1st.

Comprehensive tests to the foil arm design and construction has been led by Luna Rossa Challenge.