America's Cup

The Americans have looked solid throughout the training sessions, and they were clearly a click above INEOS Team UK.

“The management are all at each other’s throats and the billionaire owner is breathing, heavily, down your neck … it’s depressing," wrote British pundit Magnus Wheatley.

In the second “race” they were in complete control against the Italians and in their third duel, used a burst of startling speed to overhaul them.

A spokesperson for Team New Zealand said it had given examples of whom it thought should be given priority, but had not threatened to deny accreditation.

Defenders Team New Zealand and the three challengers have been granted five days of official practice, including some racing, ahead of the world series regatta in Auckland in December.

Two other applicants were declined entry under criteria that included the person needed to have "unique experience and technical skills that are not obtainable in New Zealand".

With all four teams now fine-tuning their second generation boats on the Waitemata Harbour, the prospect of syndicates working together to gauge speeds and set-ups has become very real, especially on the tight courses being used.

The fleet of boats that will lock horns in the 36th edition of the America’s Cup is now on display for the eagle eye enthusiasts to pore over the finer details with the common understanding that the fastest boat has always won the America’s Cup.

The December regatta is just four weeks away and represents the only opportunity Team New Zealand, as defenders of the America’s Cup, will have to gauge themselves against the speed and performance of the three challengers.

For American Magic, the U.S. Challenger, this philosophy centers around a daily refusal to be outworked.

Initially, the boat appeared to be stuck in the sand with little damage visible, however, as the waves continued to strike the boat, it split in two and as of Sunday afternoon, the waves were pulverizing it into dozens of smaller pieces.

Ports of Auckland has today announced that it will facilitate the use of the inner harbour races courses (B and C) for all racing for the 36th America’s Cup event.

The Kiwis feel their proposal is fair and does not disadvantage the challengers in any way.

The move to scrap the inner harbour courses B and C for next year's event will, according to TNZ, mean that the city views would be lost and that spectators would be "robbed of the best viewing experience".

Manoel Chaves has engaged representatives in New Zealand who have given Team New Zealand until Friday to respond to the claims of possible patent infringement.

The boat lifts out of the water and plunges nose-first with water surging over the deck, covering the grinders.