America's Cup

Following a week of high drama for America's Cup defender, Team New Zealand, which included accusations of government money being lost in an internet scam, CEO Grant Dalton fires back.

Team New Zealand and America's Cup organisers are at the centre of an inquiry commissioned by the Crown over the spending of public money, including allegations of a "reclassified" $3 million loan and claims of fraud involving a Hungarian bank account.

The AC75 was shipped through the Gulf of Mexico, transited the Panama Canal and then crossed the Pacific after departing from the team’s winter base in Pensacola, Florida on May 28.

The team said it was not sure what secrets were out, but the unnamed contractor had access throughout its waterfront headquarters.

Auckland’s summer of sailing will kick off with the ACWS/Christmas Race in Auckland on December 17.

Because of NZ's strict border rules, none of the teams can get into the country. RNZYS has a month to get the green light before teams start pulling out.

With two female and two male crew on board, the boat was up on the foils straight away, and was pushing speeds of up to thirty knots.

Race Director Iain Murray says there is hope to bring the 75ft foiling monohulls in close to Takapuna Beach and North Head on Auckland’s North Shore.

American Magic and INEOS UK will bring more than 400 workers and family members to New Zealand between them, with the syndicates expected to be in the country for up to ten months.

"This week, after over three months on land, we have been delighted to be able to get back to business and back out on the water."

They’ve been dismasted, had their bow ripped out and narrowly missed a capsize from a dramatic overloading of power during a failed gybe in training in Sardinia.

The boat has been to Cagliari and back without ever being "unpacked" to race.

Team New Zealand sent a crew of four out on their scaled down test boat Te Kahu. They reduced their staff on support boats.

It will be the third time for the renowned international yachtsman and regatta official to hold this position.

An Ultra Wide Band positioning system of personal tags accurately measure the distance between people, beeping and logging the interactions.

With the World Series events cancelled, teams have few clues as to the success or otherwise of their design path.