America's Cup

Dalton revealed that up until winning the Louis Vuitton Cup qualifier on June 12, the team couldn't afford to pay sailors' salaries.

Coutts retired, Ellison out, another American billionaire in and 60ft sloops are among the big man's thoughts.

In 2015, Stop Stealing Our Harbour led efforts to stop council-owned Ports of Auckland extending Bledisloe container wharf and swallowing hectares of Auckland Harbour.

Coutts had provided 20 O'Pen Bics, a class he had put his support behind recently, and had also been assisting with racing and coaching.

The five-times America's Cup winner is listed at number 200 on the list.

The Protocol will contain a "constructed in country" requirement for competing yachts and a nationality requirement for competing crew members.

As the America's Cup celebration parades end, the planning for the next race is getting under way.

"Having foils is more important than whether it is a monohull or multihull. They improve performance a lot, so that means we could do a very fast monohull with foils."

"We did not want to favor Team New Zealand over Land Rover BAR in the semifinals."

Prime Minister Bill English said the funding should be conditional on the finals being held in New Zealand.

The Kiwi press gets stuck into the ETNZ CEO for his lack of humility in victory.

Auckland's Viaduct Basin is now apartments, hotels and a lively food and drink scene, replacing the old syndicate bases.

While purists hanker for a return to monohull matches, in NZ's current position that would waste most of the factors that won them the Cup.

It is to be hoped that common sense, and not the settling of old scores, will be the prime motivator when the two teams sit down to map out the protocol for the 36th Match.

The faster boat again won the Cup, but it was the supreme sailing ability of the young Kiwi crew that gave Jimmy Spithill no chance of an upset.