America's Cup

The new aid has been designed to provide critical data to the team about the strategic layout of the course, the position of the boat, how many legs of the race are left and how far it is to the next boundary.

A diver went in the water, apparently to find the missing port side rudder in the slip under where the boat had been, but the rope he took down to haul it up to the chase boat came up empty on the first try.

The series opens with Bond (played by Ben Mingay), about to head to jail in 1997, delivering a narrative about his life and forays into everything from yachts and TV stations to blimps and breweries.

The maiden sail in Bermuda came with an air of relief for skipper Glenn Ashby who has been like “a cat on a hot tin roof” waiting to get back out on the boat

The cloak and dagger America's Cup is never shy of rumours and Italian daily newspaper La Stampa has floated the theory that Oracle Team USA might be ready to replicate the Kiwi system.

The boat has a new home at The Mariners’ Museum and Park, as the centerpiece of a new exhibition – Speed and Innovation in the America’s Cup.

The teams ACC, wing sails, daggerboards, chase boat, gym equipment and more were loaded into the 747.

Jake Lilley represented Australia at the Rio Olympic Games in the Finn.

There seems to be confusion about the new allowances for daggerboards and which teams have subsequently benefitted from these changes.

The boat was slowed, Burling collected and returned, and training resumed - with a fair bit of ribbing, of course.

John K. Marshall and Doug Peterson are the other two inductees selected by the committee.

After 21 days of sailing in the Hauraki Gulf the team has begun disassembling their race boatwhich will be packaged up for its flight to Bermuda.

The final race in light airs allowed Oracle to finish with a 9-2 record against Artemis at 7-3.

Coutts answers points of contention raised by ETNZ about the way the Cup is being run.

ETNZ is crying "foul" because the ACEA changed the rules after they forgot to specify a two-boat testing period between teams.