America's Cup

In November ETNZ said they had received eight notices of challenge. Three have been announced. What became of the other five?

Australian company AWS was an early leader in the concept of “soft wing” sails, which deliver many of the performance benefits of the rigid wing sails used in previous America’s Cup matches, but with fewer operational and logistical difficulties.

"We want to be very specific about picking the right people for the right roles once we figure out what the roles are on that boat."

The genial Ashby has quickly become arguably New Zealand's favourite Aussie.

The joint Royal Netherlands Yacht Club Muiden and Royal Maas Yacht Club challenge comes from one of the world’s most famous maritime nations.

Stars & Stripes Team USA has already started building their AC75 race yacht in Michigan, a build process that was accelerated by a design and technology package purchased from Emirates Team New Zealand.

Former America's Cup skipper Chris Dickson said the council was trying to regulate the ocean and it was not on.

The Team Principal of the Malta Altus Challenge is Pasquale Cataldi, an Italian born businessman who is based in Malta.

"They've been doing tests on them and several have been breaking, meaning they just cannot cope with the loads."

Some of the entries are likely to be invalid, something which will be determined through a vetting process which will begin immediately.

The Prada Cup will commence in January 2021 in Auckland and see the Challenger teams race in a round robin format to determine who will line up against the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, in the quest for the America's Cup.

The team are forging ahead with their design and build without having a scaled down test boat on the water like Team INEOS UK and the New York Yacht Club's American Magic syndicate.

Long term leases cost upwards of $400,000 and the problem is getting worse as ETNZ has taken over the majority of Hobson West Marina.

The British and American test boats have noticeable differences. The Brits have used an open deck layout while the Americans have opted for a cockpit approach with separate areas for the helmsmen and crew on both sides of the boat.

The finished yacht, which will be modified to allow it to race in the J Class fleet, will be unveiled at the 2021 America’s Cup in New Zealand.